Bikini Clad 61-Year- Old Christie Brinkley’s Brilliant Marketing Move

In case you haven’t been hanging out on social media this week and missed this selfie – here is the photo that seems to have jaws dropping, people scratching their heads and saying, Christie Brinkley is unreal.

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Who knows why this particular selfie went viral. This is by no means the first time she has taken a selfie in a bikini. She does it a lot.

Ms. Brinkley is selling, ” I want what she’s having,” and she does a great job of it. Having followed Ms. Brinkley on Instagram for awhile now, I am very impressed with her business savvy, her wit and her strategic use of Instagram.


This is not a selfie for selfie’s sake. This is to help sell her book “Timeless Beauty” which supposedly shares 100 tips, secrets and shortcuts to looking great. Not so coincidentally, the book was released November 10th- less than two weeks before this photo hit Instagram.


Before you invest in Christie’s “secrets” you may want to check out the reviews.

CB CommentsV2 There are some very disappointed readers. It seems the book is fewer secrets and more fabulous shots of Christie looking like Christie.

As the photo went viral, the majority of Instagram comments were in complete awe of her toned body.  My favorite comment is the first one – “This picture just proves you just get better with age!” I might modify it to “You can get better with age.”

For me, Ms. Brinkley’s bikini-clad photo is a great advertisement for the benefits of a healthy diet and daily exercise. Not only is she in her 60’s, she’s had three children.

The focus of the viral appreciation is not because of her face, what procedures she may or may not have had, it’s on a toned body that she’s earned through commitment and hard work.

The good news about toned bodies is that any of us can have one if

MintGreen Wolky 1225 biker. These shoes run small! As much as I love how they look, they are not my favorite walking shoe.

Mint Green Wolky 1225 biker walking shoes. These shoes run small! As much as I love how they look, they are not my favorite walking shoe.

we are willing to put in the work. Granted, my toned body will never look like Ms. Brinkley’s but that’s not really the point.

A toned body, not a wrinkle- free face that may or may not be wrinkle free because of a medical procedure is what real beauty in our sixties is all about.

The beauty of a toned body means we can move like it’s 1999. A toned body makes us feel young. A toned body gives us back our confidence. A toned body allows us to live life they way we want to.

I love that she flaunts this 61 -year-old body. I love that she has people challenging their assumptions of what is possible for a sixty- something woman.  I won’t be buying the book, but I am cheering her on. She is a role model that is helping change the way our culture views women in their sixties.

And, that is a beautiful thing.

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